About Me

I'm known on this blog as Warrior Princess, so I'll just go by that.
I'm the second of four children, the quietest, and often the weirdest :)
It's my goal to encourage you and make you laugh with this blog, I love writing and I love God so this is my way of bringing glory to Him.  I'm a teenager here in the U.S.  I'm homeschooled, I'm adopted,  I'm a former missionary kid, I'm a third culture kid, and a pastor's kid.  Life does get interesting around here, so I have lots to write about.  My dream is that this blog will bless you in some small way.  I have many dreams, that is why my blog is titled, Dreaming Big! I think that my biggest dream is to have God use me in the greatest way possible, to be a shining light for Him.

Warrior Princess

P.S. I really love hearing feedback from my readers, so feel free to comment.  

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Anonymous said...

Since you like comments, ha.
I never knew that you were adopted! You look so much like your parents that it just did not seem possible to me!