About Dreaming Big

           Dreaming Big is the name I had chosen for my "would be" blog long ago.  I am one teenager with HUGE dreams!  I wanted the idea to carry through, for the name to have a message, and a story.
I am limited on what I can do on a blog, like I obviously don't want my information all over the internet so I don't put up my name.   But I can tell you that I love writing.  I love Jesus.  And I love making a difference, that is the whole big dreaming idea.   I don't know how you came to this blog, whether you know me, know a friend of mine who told you about it, or just was surfing the web and found me,  but I hope that you have been inspired or at least gotten a good laugh.   The name Warrior Princess is a long story.  During a rough season in my spiritual walk, a friend encouraged me to be "God's warrior princess" well,  I filed the thought, and decided to use it for this.

         I feel so, so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to write!  It seems like in this day and age
and in this century, that teens have this pressure (believe it or not) to be rebellious and basically evil.  I just want people to know that there is another way.   All teenagers have their bad days, myself definitely included, but bad days don't have to be EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Dreaming big is my life, and I'm thrilled to live it!  

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Anonymous said...

If you have any rough seasons in your spiritual walk you could come to me anytime Liana!