Saturday, October 31, 2015

Owl City - Good Time ft. Carly Rae Jepsen LYRICS

Owl City - You’re Not Alone (Lyric Video) ft. Britt Nicole (my fav song!)

Surrender and Trust

As many of you know, this last year has been a tough one.  We've moved and started a new life.  It's a scary thing to do.  And I do not like scary things.  But, I've learned so much.  I've been a little scarred, but I've also been shown things that I never would have seen before.  I want to take a minute and share these truths with you.

1) You are never alone.

During this time, I have felt so removed from my friends I left behind and the fine folks I am meeting now.  I have learned that even when you feel desolate and alone (which is usually all in your head) you're not.  God is there and He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you.

2) You are where you are for a reason.

Ok, so I know this sounds preachy! But its so true.  I have already seen so many areas where I could be a blessing and a light if I only get out and get in there.  I tend to be a turtle.  I hide in my shell.  That is so wrong! I am avoiding opportunities that could change and better my life!

3) Be thankful for the hurts.

Recently we, as a family, have learned that thanking God for our trials (our definition of trials, which can sometimes be slightly amusing) Viewing them as blessings, which is harder than it sounds, is such a great way to heal.  Even if it is something that really makes you sad, mad, or hurt.  Thanking God for what you aren't really thankful for is such a wonderful therapy!

4) Taking one day at a time.

I'm a planner.  A huge planner.  I have my future kids names picked out already (now I just need to plan on which guy, which is probably a bad idea) :)
I have tended to freak during these times.  Who will be my good friend now? Should I go to a different college than the one I'm planning on?  What if my friends back in our old town forget about me?  I have learned that just focusing on getting through one day helps me to stay positive.  I only have to think through my getting up in the morning to going to bed at night.  This really helps to relieve the otherwise unnecessary stress I put on myself.

5) Surrender.

I like to have charge of my life and my future.  That's a thought that you have to ditch.  Sorry to say, if your mentality is like that, you are going to be hurt and disappointed.
The thing that I have found as the most important during this time is that I have to give over all my own dreams, feelings, and preferences to God.  I can't hang on to things like that.  I need to just let it go.  And that is so freeing and beautiful, as tough and uncomfortable as it sounds.

I won't lie.  I still mess it up almost every day.  I'm still reminding myself of these truths.  I forget them and make a mess of it.  And I probably won't ever get it completely down.  But that's why we're here, right? To learn and to trust God and know Him better.