Friday, January 23, 2015

Inevitably Inadequate

Young girls of my generation struggle with feelings of inadequacy.  I know.  I've been there.  So we try to fix it.  We wear miniskirts and low-necked T's, we try to change our personality, we can't stand seeing ourselves without makeup, and we convince ourselves that God never really cared.  We take selfies, and after photoshopping them to our satisfaction, we put them on Instagram.  Yet, even though we're doing everything that the world tells us to do, we still feel ashamed of who we are.


I mean, we're technically doing everything we're supposed to do.  We're wearing the right clothes, we're dating the right guys, and our activities seem to be prioritized right.  So what are we doing wrong?  These last few months I've struggled personally with these questions.  I'm a pastor's kid, and anyone who's every been a pastor's kid understands the stress that goes with it.  We wonder if people like us for who we are, or if they're just trying to get in with the important people.  We wonder if we're meeting up to everyones expectations.  Every girl struggles with these feelings of not being enough.  And I've discovered the reason why.

We will never be enough.  At least, not on our own.  If we trying, by ourselves, to be the person everyone wants us to be, we will utterly fail.  If we are the person God wants us to be, we will have an inner confidence that will  point others to Christ.  So what does that look like?

What is inner confidence.  Is it wearing longer skirts and higher necklines? Is it limiting ourselves to maybe two selfies a week? Does is mean only dating Christian guys? Maybe only wearing makeup 364 days out of the year?


Inner confidence is something we can't attain ourselves.  It's not a matter of following the right rules or going to the right youth group.  Inner confidence, is the assurance that God loves us, unconditionally.

Think about it.

The Creator of the universe (keep in mind, this universe has no end) loves us.   This being, deity, willingly died an excruciating death so that we could have a life after death.  The God who did amazing, scientifically impossible, deeds to help those who followed him.  That God loves us with a love so great our human minds can't understand it.

And we feel insignificant.  Why? Because this world has told us that beauty is to be reached within ourselves.  They present this description of what we have to do to be beautiful that isn't even possible.  Is that what God expects of us.  God only wants our hearts.  Is that so much to give Him.  Is it too much to give the person who died for us our hearts?

The more we focus our energy on God and less of our energy on self, the more fulfilled we will become.  The less we focus on our physical image and reputation and the more time we spend in quiet with our Creator, the more that inner confidence will shine through.   I know.  I've been there. 


Dani said...

"The more we focus our energy on God and less of our energy on self, the more fulfilled we will become." You GET it, girl. I am so so proud of you and what Jesus is doing in you. You are so eloquent and deep. but then, I always knew you were kinda' amazing. ;)

WarriorPrincess4Him said...

Awww, thanks Dani. I'd be more amazing if you were here! Lol :)

WarriorPrincess4Him said...

I HATE, HATE, HATE reading over my old posts and seeing all the typos. arrgh! :P