Thursday, November 20, 2014

20 More Questions

Twenty more questions for y'all.  Feel free to ask me any others too.

1) If I could live anywhere, where would it be?

2) If I could go to school anywhere where would it be?
Ok, I love online school, but if I really had my choice, Christian school.

3) Favorite craft?
I don't like crafts but I do like knitting.

4) Favorite time in history?
Edwardian England.

5) Who is my favorite music group?
Tenth Avenue North, then probably Family Force 5.

6) Do I like 1D?
I'm going through a serious gagging fit.

7) Do I like Lord of the Rings?
In love with it right now.

8) Am I afraid of heights?

9) Do I like football?
Can't follow the game, so not really.

10)Where is my favorite place to shop?
I am a huge fan of second hand shops, but I also like TJMaxx and JC Penneys.

11) When is my birthday?
November 20

12) Do I lose everything?
No, I MISPLACE everything.

13) Am I seriously un organized?

14) Am I a country girl or city girl?
Definitely tend more towards a country type.

15) Do I like junk food?
To a certain degree.  Can only have so much though.

16) Am I always this weird?
Depends on your definition of weird.

17) Do like big huge books?
Oh, yeah!

18) Are you always dying or cutting your hair?

19) Do you consider yourself a good Christian?
That's a complicated one because everyone has their times where they feel super close to God, then they have days when He feels distant.  I know that I am far from perfect, but I really want to work on developing a closer relationship with Him.

20) Do you like salad bars or McDonalds?
That depends on what mood I'm in :) 


hannah said...

have you read the harry potter series?

Christian Cowgirl said...

Hey, BF, I know that you're awful busy practicing and playing with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and all, but do you think you could take 1 minute and tell us all that you're still alive? All you have to say is 'Warrior Princess and her family is alive and well after surviving a cowardly attack by busyness.' ;) Huh?

P.S. You sounded awesome the other night.

hannah s. said...

hey hey hey you should post more x-)

WarriorPrincess4Him said...

I LOVE the trans-siberian orchestra. My dream is to play for them! sigh...

WarriorPrincess4Him said...

No Hannah, I have not read the Harry Potter series. I'm not crazy about the magic in it. It leans towards witch-craft. :(

Do you like them?