Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yay, I'm Back!

So I have had probably like 20 people asking me why I'm not blogging anymore.  I am, but have been so busy I haven't had time to write.  It's sad, I know :(  

I could probably write a book on everything that has happened.  And now I have a cold, meaning life has slowed down for me, as my mother has me smothered in garlic salve.  Yes, I smell like garlic bread..... So school is starting again.  We are in the process of changing curriculums for school since things are getting more intense for high school and everything.  I'm not ready for school, who is?  You see, I haven't gotten to my quota of sleeping in.

We also just got back from vacation.  So I'm pretty tired, considering that I'd wake up in the middle of the night in a really strange room with a cold.  My throat and nose were really, really bad.    However, I was thrilled to find the TV show Larkrise to Candleford!!!  It was also really nice seeing my cousins again since they live in Virginia.

I am ready for Fall (you may now crucify me for my love of cold) But evidently it's supposed to be a really cold winter, which means I'm now driving my parents nuts telling them how we should have gotten a house with a wood burning fireplace or stove or something.  I think that would be so cozy.  My grandparents used to have two.  And we would play games and just talk or whatever (with  popcorn, of course)  those are some of my favorite memories.  Of course I was about 8 and I was the most obnoxious eight-year-old ever.  First of all,  I wouldn't shut up.  I could talk a blue streak.  I've since gotten a lot quieter and shyer, I'm not sure that it's a good thing though.  Being so shy often can make you look unfriendly or stuck up, which I hope I'm not, it's kind of a rough thing because if I'm nervous I can flip to the other extreme of appearing super talkative and insecure or something.  Sigh, I drive myself nuts.  I just think that maybe I should just do something, I'm not sure what.

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Hannahbanana said...

seeing you was so much fun! i miss you guys!!