Monday, June 9, 2014

So who are we?  Believe it or not, this is not an idle question.  So really, who are we?  As Christians who are we?  Are we mediocre Christians or real?  Are we living as we should or are we just hanging out in the gray areas?  I ask myself this question a lot.  What kind of influence to we set for nonbelievers?  Do they see loving, real Christ followers? Or a bunch of "Christians" going through the motions?  Who am I?  How do I come across?  I know that I can be completely different depending on where I am.  So how can I change that?  What can I do to change?  How can I be someone who influences others?  Just a thought.  

20 Questions

I'm back! I didn't die or anything, I was just busy, with school.  The whole finishing up the year stuff that you do.  So I'm going to take time to answer a lot of questions that I get, on this blog so that I never have to answer them again, I hope :)  

1. What is my favorite animal?
my favorite domesticated animal is a dog, my favorite undomesticated animal is a bear

2. What is my favorite color?

3. Do I like to sew?
No, I hate sewing.

4. Do I like crafts?

5. Is my hair naturally that crazy curl?
Unfortunately yes.

6. Who is my favorite sibling?
Now that is unfair.

7.  Am I a health person like my mom?
Didn't used to be, now I am. 

8. What is your favorite food?
Unhealthy food: ice cream.  Healthy food: fruit. 

9. What is my favorite way to pass the time?
Rainy days: read or watch a chick flick.  Sunny Days: Be outside.

10.  Favorite season? 
Fall, then Winter.  Oddly enough I LOVE the cold.  I get a lot of weird looks when I say that. 

11. Do I like to swim?
Nope. hate swimming, getting wet and smelling like chlorine. 

12.  Who is my favorite celebrity? 
Not really into pop culture.  

13. Do I like Justin Bieber?
Not on your life!!!

14.  What is my favorite instrument?
Quite obviously, the violin.

15.  Am I dating anyone?
Nope. And I have very little interest in beginning any relationship.

16.  Who is my hero?
My dad.

17. If I could go anywhere where would it be?

18.  If I could have anything in the world (besides a violin that I'm not renting) what would it be?
A male Irish Wolfhound.

19.  Am I super outgoing or super shy?
tend towards shy when you first know me, once you do know me I can talk a blue streak :)

20.  What is my favorite sport?
Cross country.