Monday, May 12, 2014


I am semi obsessed about pretzels right now!  Ok, REALLY obsessed.  I know that it is kinda weird that this would be my latest obsession, but I have been known to do really weird things.  I cannot decide which appeals to me more,  snack pretzels or soft pretzels.  Both sound pretty good.  So if anyone wants to make my day, bring me a pretzel!  Actually, you don't have to.  :)
Hopefully I am not scaring anyone with the information that I am really, really craving pretzels.
Usually it's other things, this is just one of the odder ones.  Like normally it's oranges, preferably orange juice.  I really do love oranges, but not orange flavored popsicles or candy, those taste like metal or something.  It has to be the real stuff.  I think that part of the reason that I all I think about is pretzels, is the fact that I won't let myself stop thinking about them.
Hey, there's a pretzel background that I can use for this blog.  I should totally try that.

Now everyone knows that I love to put music from youtube up on this blog.  It's because I'm always finding amazing songs that I love.  Now God speaks to me through music (probably because I love it so much)  I love to play my pretty little violin, Ginger, too.  I play the piano.  Someday a banjo will enter our midst.  I tried doing the guitar, but I just couldn't.  So, I content myself with tuning my sister's.   Poor, guitar.  I almost killed it in the process, I guess I'm just not cut out to play it.
Can't do anything wind.  I try doing recorder, trumpet, anything and I lost my wind. Hahaha! (that was a joke) I'm string person I guess (except for the guitar).

Now I am still trying to figure out how I got from pretzels to music.  It's sort of creeping me out! Sometimes I can't even follow my own thoughts.  

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