Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Here's from my devotional,
ya get a two in one today! :

I want you to know how safe and secure you are in My Presence.  That is a fact, totally independent of you feelings.  You are on your way to heaven; nothing can prevent you from reaching that destination.  There you will see Me face-to-Face, and your Joy will be off the charts by any earthly standards.  Even now, you are never separated from Me, though you must see me through eyes of faith.  I will walk with you till the end of time and onward into eternity. 

Although My Presence is a guaranteed promise, that does not necessarily change your feelings.  When you forget I am with you, you may experience loneliness or fear.  It is through awareness of My Presence that Peace displaces negative feelings practice the discipline of walking consciously with me through each day.  

When your sins with heavily upon you, come to Me. Confess your wrongdoing, which I know all about before you say a word.  Stay in the Light of My Presence, receiving forgiveness, cleansing, and healing.  Remember that I have clothed you in My righteousness, so nothing can separate you from Me.  Whenever you stumble or fall, I am there to help you up. 

Man's tendency is to hide from his sin, seeking refuge in the darkness.  There he indulges in self-pity, denial, self-righteousness, blaming, and hatred.  But I am the Light of the world, and My illumination decimates the darkness.  Come close to me and let My Light envelop you, driving out darkness and permeating you with Peace.  

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