Monday, May 12, 2014

A Random Collection Of My Thoughts And What Is Going On In My World

So I'm sitting here in front of my computer with sunshine and birds singing in the background,  a sweatshirt on that is really warm and comfy, my hair has decided that it wants to go every which way (how I envy people with straight hair!), and a lot on my mind.

So I was looking back on some recent posts and was thinking that I sounded depressed.  Now I'm super cheerful.  Maybe it was just the break I had, getting to spend  a lovely few days in Cincinnati,  got to see a wonderful friend of mine,  maybe it is because I went shopping and got some cute clothes (it's a girl thing),  or maybe it's just because I'm pushing out of my mind all the things that I still have to get done.  I still have to memorize those verses, think about some things that are going on, the bathroom is crying out for me to clean it, and the school that needs to be done if I want a summer break.  It's my theory that because of algebra and science, I will never live to see my high school graduation.

Mothers Day was yesterday!  I love Mothers Day.  It always makes me think about how much my own mother means to me.  Mom is probably one of my favorite people on earth.
And it gives me an excuse to wear a dress to church (I generally do not like to wear dresses.  I'm a jeans and sweatshirt type of person.  I hate dressing up.)
Doesn't it bring to mind how much moms do?  I mean, rarely do I see my mom doing nothing, she's always up and going.   I really appreciate my mom and all that she does.

So my little sister's ninth birthday is coming up this week.  She is so excited!  It's her birthday wish to get her ears pierced, we'll see about that.  I love to tease my sister about not getting her anything.  Well, that didn't go over too well, now she's getting a one-way airplane ticket to Guatemala! :)  (I'm assuming I spelt that correctly?)  She will not be getting a ticket to Guatemala from me, but don't tell her that!  I'm going between the movie Frozen (though I am thoroughly SICK of the song, Let It Go,  then why don't they just let it go? :))  or a gift card to some place like Toys R Us, or something.
Do not tell her that I am sharing my secrets with the world!

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