Thursday, April 24, 2014

Now What?

I was really busy this past week, but now it seems like everything slowed down.  Now I'm depressed. I'm someone who actually loves being busy, so for me to have nothing to do is like caging a wild animal.  I'm grumpy.  So I told my mom that I was in a "Grinchy" mood, gotta love Dr. Seuss! :)
All I've got is school, that's no fun! And normal stuff, definitely not cool!  I need to be busy and exhausted when I go to bed at night, otherwise I'm going to really lose my mind.  I'm like that, I actually have more trouble with sin and anger when I haven't been busy.

It's important for me to slow down and catch my breath (I'm very introverted) but too much of doing nothing will make me lose my mind.  All I've got going on is school (really looking forward to summer vacation), violin and that's almost done, and church.  Church is an entirely different subject.  I'm originally from a smaller church so moving to a big one is a HUGE adjustment.  It's constant pressure when I'm there.   Here I was talking about how busy and fulfilled I felt just a few weeks ago! ERR! Something is not right about that.  I think that it's unfair, actually.  Now I'm going to have to find ways to keep me occupied, or I'll lose my mind (wait, I already said that!)

Between testing and 4-H I've managed to keep half of my sanity, but even that is dwindling.
I need something to do.  If anyone has any ideas......
So what am I supposed to do now? This restlessness is not pleasant, so I need a bit more purpose.  Purpose as in something I enjoy (not chores, mom, :))  Like music, babysitting, and even writing. You guys know me, I LOVE writing.  So thank you, God, for this blog! It keeps me going somedays!!! 


Kevin Seager said...

I know how you can keep busy... Why don't you help your Dad plant and grow the garden? It will be a blast and we can eat the veggies when they are ready :-)

WarriorPrincess4Him said...

um, like i haven't already expressed my opinion on that :) LOL

Anonymous said...

You could come to my house and stay get up at 3 and watch for lambs with me! That outa keep you busy enough, busy keeping your eyes open I mean!!!


Anonymous said...

OHHH!! I just found the translation button. Li, ur blog looks so cool is chinese!!

What is Zulu??