Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lies I Have And Do Believe

Truth: God loves you and wants to be your Best Friend.
Lie: Forget it, nobody could love me after what I've done.

Truth: Because of Jesus dying on the cross, you are forgiven.
Lie: I cannot ever be forgiven,  I'm too bad.

Truth: God sometimes lets bad things happen, but it for your own good.
Lie: No just and loving God would allow the things to happen that happened to me.

Truth: You do not need to be ashamed of who you are,  you're beautiful because God created you.
Lie: I'll never measure up to the standard of beauty in this world, therefore, I'm ugly.

Truth: You can defeat the evil that you struggle with, with God's saving grace and mercy.
Lie: I'm a hopeless case. I can never be free from temptation.

Truth: You have My love and acceptance, you don't need human acceptance, it is fleeting and often hurtful.
Lie: To be worth something, I need to have the acceptance of people.

Truth: You are a beautiful person, just let the glory of God shine through you.
Lie: I have to hide who I really am, or people will see too much and see who I really am.

Truth: I will bring the right guy to you someday, wait on My perfect timing.
Lie: I need a guy's attention to be loved and accepted by everyone.

The list goes on and on.  How many nights have I cried myself to sleep because I just don't measure up to the world's standards.  I don't have the model's perfect body, face, and hair.  I will never be perfect.  Yes, I struggle, everyday.  I'm going through a tough time right now.  It's not easy.  However God is there.  I just need to seek, then I will find.  I just need to  knock, and the door will be opened to me.

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