Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Liana: "I am so sick of school! Like I could die!"

Li: "But studying hard will allow you to have a break this summer."

Liana: "I know, but it already looks like I'll be working at least through June!" 

Li: "But that was your own fault.  When you should have been working you were dreaming away the time, like you didn't have anything to do." 

Liana: "Yeah, but I was tired.  I deserved a break." 

Li: "Even though the "break" lasted almost the entire time you were supposed to be studying?" 

Liana: "This is SO annoying!!" 

Li: "What is? Your school or your attitude?"

Liana: "Duh! My school.  My attitude is great! Totally cheerful, Ok?  I can't help it that Algebra and I don't understand each other or that science and I do not agree on anything!" 

Li: "Who's been walking around like a ogre for two weeks?  Who's been trying to get out of everything hard?  And who has been complaining daily since September about your own lack of motivation?"  

Liana: "Ok, so I've been just a little grumpy.  Get over it! I deserve a life apart from textbooks you know!"  

Now, which one am I? 

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