Monday, March 3, 2014

Banjo's? Anyone?

anybody out there in this vast,vast world play the banjo, know somebody who plays the banjo, has a banjo for sale, or has any priceless advice concerning the banjo?
In case you haven't figured it out, I am in the process of researching and trying to buy a banjo.   I would like to have one by the summer, but between violin expenses, birthday presents, and tithing I'm in a crunch.  On a whim I'm posting this.  If you know of anything at all, let me know!

 And I will be posting again about something much more personal when I have the time (like maybe next year, just kidding)  thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

My Grandma used to play banjo. I haven't seen her play it for a while, so i don't know about now.
Have fun!!
Daily Bread =)

Unknown said...

Hey! I play the banjo!
A great place to start is

I played violin as a child, and various stringed instruments as a child.
The banjo called to me, as it does to many.
Making the leap was hard, but completely worth it.

Banjos are investments... cheap ones arent very good.
A good price-point to start with is around $750-$1000 for an entry level 5-string banjo
There are some under $500, but they sound a lot like tin cans.

You do have to ask yourself.. 5-string or 4 string
5 string being the beverly hillbillies banjo sound you know and love.
4 string being more of a southern spoken poem instrument. (I'm sure theres a better way of putting that)

Ben Clark is another good resource... he played for Taylor Swift before starting
where he teaches banjo, guitar, mandolin, and the occasional fiddle tune.

Gold Tone makes a great entry level 5-string (OB-250 - noted as the best banjo for under $1k)
other than that, Gibson, obviously the top name in banjos... and Nechville Banjos... the cutting edge in banjo making. made by Tom Nechville, a great banjo innovator.

any questions, feel free... I could go on, and on .....and on

I would also suggest listening to a lot of Bela Fleck....