Monday, March 17, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We have recently adopted the practice of  a Sunday drive.   So after an insanely busy morning of having to get to church really early (too early),  crazy time there of running between this place and that, and having to leave early to get to an orchestra practice.  After a time at home to eat and get my thoughts together we went for our drive.   We mainly went to our old neighborhood and former favorite ice cream place.  Even though they shrunk the size of the cones :(
I have to say that remembering the "good old days" and realizing that what I thought was so large at one time, is actually rather small.  I remembered the neighborhood through the eyes of  a nine-year-old and it was a bit of a shock to see that what I thought was so beautiful and big is actually kinda worn down and small.

I have to say that I have wonderful memories of the life in that area.  I remember being so carefree and happy, absolutely no care in the world except for what 3x3 was, and just being a little girl.
Sometimes I wish that I could go back to that.  Being little and innocent.  That I wouldn't have to worry about this or that, or that I would have all the free time and laughter  that used to exist.  It seems that the older I get the bigger my problems become, the decisions get bigger, and I don't have that whole childish enthusiasm and innocent look on life.   I have such special memories of playing all day, taking care of a stray cat that was afraid of cars (we called her "Prissy")  and spending time with the other little kids on the street.   I also feel a bit sad, like I wish that things could have just stayed like that, forever.   I'm not exactly sure when everything changed.  Sometimes I feel like it never did, but that I did.  Or that it all changed and left me the same.  Maybe it's a bit of both.    I look at old scrapbooks, I see the pictures, and I feel empty, like change happened before I was ready, or maybe I'm sentimental.  I see baby pictures of myself, and I think "Wow, I can't believe that's me."
Or I see people again that I haven't seen since I was pretty young and they tell me about this or that memory, it's almost like another person's story is your own.  Like it wasn't really you that they're talking about, it was someone else.  

The biggest trial of my eight-year-old life was battling with a bunch of twelve-year-olds who thought that the clubhouse (the "clubhouse" was a few trees bent together to form a little tree hut) was not ours, but theirs.
The hardest decision was trying to figure out how I should make the mommy pencil kiss the baby pencil (yes, I created entire pencil worlds)   My biggest wish was that I would get a new bike, you see my old one had stickers all over the front.   The most disgusting thing that ever happened to me was that my parents didn't let me play with those "Barbie Dolls",   I have since thanked them.  The thing that made me cry hardest, was accidentally running my three-year-old sister over, which resulted in a skinned nose.  My best friends were two dogs.  Mutts that I loved without reserve.   I am so thankful for the childish life that I was able to lead for so long.   

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