Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Blues

So the Superbowl was last night.  I'm not a football fan and know little to nothing about it, but there  is something about the Superbowl (mainly the food and commercials).  I spent the big night scrapbooking (in which I am very behind, I am definitely switching to digital, the mess of spreading everything out just overwhelms me like nothing ever could. Now I don't get overwhelmed very easy)
Cleaning the oven, I overturned cake batter INSIDE the oven, watching Brady Bunch, drinking rootbeer floats, and watching what my eight year old sister would call a mushy chick flick; however, I can't see how an Elizabeth Gaskill could even be compared to a "chick-flick".  While my brother and father watch the game at my grandparents' house.  Usually we all go to some persons house (since we don't have TV) but this year we spent the time in a much more pleasant evening. I have yet to watch a Superbowl that held my interest for more than five minutes at a time, now I understand that for most guys the Superbowl is a crucial night in their lives,  but for me it's a night of food and commercials, usually the half-time is just plain stupid.

This year instead of doing a regular Bible reading plan I'm trying to memorize Psalms 119.  No, I'm not crazy.
I just thought that instead of freaking out every month because I save a big hunk of my Bible reading till the 30th I have been on a schedule to read the Bible in a year, where you do so much every month. Not my thing since I'm a famous for my procrastination skills.  I'll do something I enjoy more.  I love the Psalms and 119 is one that has always held my interest.  Since I enjoy memorizing (to a certain extent, mind you) I thought I'd give it a try. Oh, and I'm also getting paid to do it :) that helps my motivation a little :-)  Not to mention that I think that reading Deuteronomy again would KILL me. I love how David writes Psalms 119.  It's a poem, and the theme is God's word.  It shows you what kind of man David was, someone who loved God with his entire being, loved God's word because of what it meant to him as an individual, and you can see how unworthy he sometimes feels. Often I feel like his words mirror my own heart and desires.   Because of David's Psalms, I think that he is probably one of my favorite characters.  He was truly a man after God's own heart.

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