Monday, February 17, 2014

Just Me?

Is is just me or does everybody have those days where the world seems perfect (and i'm perfect too) and then the next day you just crash and things couldn't get any worse?  I think I can tell what mood I'm going to be in by my dreams.  Last night I dreamed that I was a little boy  (way too weird) and I died, that was a sad dream.  My alarm clock wakes me up, I struggle into the waking mode to get ready for the day,  then I'm over at my grandparent's trying to work through the type of story problems that you have nightmares about,  and here I am working on my blog trying to figure out, still, if I'm having a bad day or not.  I'm indecisive of whether it's bad or just worse.   I think that Monday's are usually hard for me because it's back to school after a glorious weekend of doing absolutely nothing, and then I'm back, slaving away at my textbooks.  I really don't care if cumulus clouds are fluffy,  or that Joe is eighteen years older that John and John is two years older than Meg,  nor do I care that shelves get dusty after a week and I need to take my duster to them, and I definitely don't care if the dishes sit in the sink for a week or that I have laundry spread all over my room (my mother does).
I think that I do care a little, but not enough to actually do what I need to do.  I'd much rather read a book and eat a doughnut (preferably a glazed doughnut, I'm not crazy about sprinkles)
Either this, or I need a serious nap seeing as my eyes are slowly shutting.   I thought caffeine was supposed to keep me awake, I loaded myself with it this morning and it seems to be accomplishing nothing.   Maybe I'm complaining to any listening ear.  Or I'm being hopelessly annoying, or I'm slowly going through denial that I'm alive.  Maybe these are just the random thoughts that come to my mind.  I'm rarely like this, so you can see now that I do have those days where I JUST DON'T CARE!!!  

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