Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 I'm trying to figure out the purpose of facebook.  Yes, I will admit that I do look over my mother's shoulder when she's on.  Seriously though, what is the purpose of it. I don't have a facebook account because I don't want to deal with all the junk that you get, the time that you waste on it, and the fact that I am not exactly keen on having my very different name on the internet (I have yet to meet another Liana)
I do have email (prehistoric, right?) and now this blog.  Facebook would probably cause me to waste perfectly good time reading about other people's seemingly amazing lives when I should be studying for a test, practicing my music, or just spending more time with my family.  Now I do think that it's fun to see what other people are up to (just don't get too offended if your boyfriend posts a picture of himself and another girl)  and it's awesome if people you know have moved or you moved.  Like my mom has a bunch of friends from Spain and Aruba.  It also seems to be the best way to contact people last minute.  I hate talking on the phone.  If I ever have to call you, you'll know that I spent half an hour standing by the phone taking deep breaths.  So facebook comes very much in handy for that.  Just fyi, if you ever have to contact me first email me, if I don't check it then facebook my mom,  if that doesn't work then call but that's only as a last resort OK?  So if I ever do make my appearance on facebook you can come back to this post and laugh at me, tell me not to waste my time, and go study for that test that's coming up.

I HATE typo's.  Just sayin'  because I spelt meet 'meat' at first, then when I meant to say 'time' I spelt it 'mind'.  Yeah, that's right,  waste my mind.  Err!!!
This just reminds me that I need to work more on my spelling.  Just what I love, something to remind me about how I need to work on something else (hopefully you picked up on the sarcastic note in my voice).  It will be THE day when I get through it without any mistakes.  It seems like I spend an awful lot of time getting in trouble and suffering the consequences.  It seems like if you get in trouble a lot you should be able to get out of it, well not me.  It seems like I just make a mistake without really thinking.  It seems like I spend an awful lot of time asking myself, "Why ME?"
This morning I was trying to open a bag of cereal, and I got it all over the kitchen. I keep knocking my mom's plants into the dishwater when I'm doing dishes, I'm always breaking bowls, plates, and cups.  It's always really hard if we go to someone's house for supper because it's about all I can do to not ruin their carpet or tablecloth. I've done it before, someone's white carpet becomes red.  I'm what you would call a 'clutz'.  Sigh.  Why do people favor the color white for their tablecloth or carpet? WHY? 

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Dani said...

I've been spending less and less time on Facebook. It's really handy some times, but he's, it's a time stealer. And I'd like to learn to live without checking it all the time. Enjoy these days without it.... You'll miss them sometime. :)