Monday, January 13, 2014

Guys and Girls.....

To all guys and girls out there:

If some creepy guy(s) ever come up to you and you don't know them, but they ask you what your name is tell them that it's Marcia Brady.  See what they do and then come back and tell me.

If some amazingly forward girl (seriously, how can they be so bold?) asks you your name tell them that it's either Elvis Presley or Bing Crosby (whichever you prefer)  watch what their reaction is, then come and report to me.

Guys and Girls:
 Now if the person has the audacity to ask you if you're on facebook, tell them that no your face is not on the  cover of a book.  If they ask you if you're on Twitter tell them that you're not dumb, you actually TALK instead of  TWEETING.  Then walk away.  Girls: seeing as this probably doesn't apply to guys,  if the creepy guy happens to physically start to try to keep you from walking away, pretend you're Black Widow in the Avengers.  Actually, you'd probably want to either scream, call 911, or tell him that you're dad is Chief of Police.  
Trust me, if the person happens to get the joke their reaction will be hilarious.  I'm going to start carrying out this practice myself.  Should be interesting......

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