Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dreaming, Again

the other night I dreamed that I was at this aviation camp with these other teenagers (go figure) and I was joking around with these two boys (go figure again)  one of them was saying that he should shovel snow for a living, to which I enthusiastically add that it should be his summer job, to which he gets really excited about.  Then  I'm standing with them in line for a buffet or something, the other guy grabs the biggest piece of some kind of sweet bread that I had my eye on. I then proceed to tell the guy that he's a pig and in doing so grab TWO pieces of the bread.  I then begin to feel very guilty about being such a tomboy that I start shouting that I'm a tomboy so that the other girls wouldn't think that I was an idiot or something.  I woke up wondering why on earth I had chosen to read a biography on Alan Shepard for school that day.  :)

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