Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Time!

        It's freezing outside.  And all the schools are closed, except of course, mine.  Ah, the joys of being homeschooled.  Somehow I do find this weather being more than a little rude to come freezing it's way into the middle of my very busy life and freeze everything stand-still.  I happen to like to be busy, so for me being stuck at home is not my ideal way of passing time.  On the other hand, I could look at this weather, thank God for his gracious act of slowing down my life, and take a breather or as my friends would say,  "Chillax, girl!"

             Today my dog goes outside to relieve himself (excuse his unseemly behavior, but he really had to go)
and decides that instead of coming into our nice, warm house, he starts to bark at what was most likely snow blowing in the neighbors yard.  So now he's really cold and begins to do that little dance that dogs do when they're cold.  It goes like this, (the rap music has started) front paw up, put your back paw up, kinda to shake then up goes the front, watch your owner bang the window, and put your right paw up!  (pathetic explanation :( )  So he comes to the door and is so cold he can't get himself into the house.  This just tells you  how cold it is, because my little dog has a REALLY thick coat (trust me, i know. I'm the one that gives him baths, brushes him, and grooms him)

             So for the first time this year (or last) I actually woke up at 7 and felt like I was in my right mind.  I actually woke up at 4:30 and fell back asleep and dreamed about one of my favorite movies, then I woke up again at 4:50 and went promptly back asleep, and then I woke up at 7 hopped out of my nice warm bed, woke my sister up when I crashed into all her stuff, and was downstairs to make the tea at 7:15.  Now in case this doesn't surprise you,  it is usually a terror for my family to get me up as early as 9:00 in the morning and if they even succeed I'm a bear the rest of the morning.  I'm still on vacation mode (not christmas vacation, summer vacation from 2011)  Now if only I could get up at 6 and be this nice......

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Dani said...

"I'm still on vacation mode (not christmas vacation, summer vacation from 2011) "

THAT made me laugh!!!!! Hahhaa!