Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Would I Be Happy?

I'm asking myself a question, if I had everything I ever wanted would I be happy?  I know that this sounds kinda silly.  If I had another dog, my entire college savings, the electric green car, the iphone 5s, the mac laptop, the ipod nanno, all the running equipment I ever wanted, an exquisite wardrobe, a perfect family, a gecko, a perfect house (mansion), acres and acres of land, a brain that actually works, a big screen in my room, my own room that I didn't have to share, more than enough money, and a pond in my backyard, and all the animals that I ever wanted (I'm an animal lover), and......
I could go on and on.  But if I had everything that I ever even remotely wanted, would I be happy? Or would I be spoiled and bratty?  Just a thought for the day.  Would I honestly be happy?
Now you know that I do not have another dog, my entire college savings (great, now I'm thinking about how much money I don't have in the bank), the car, the iphone, and all that other stuff.  My family is not perfect (I can attest to that) my dog has A.D.H.D my brain does not work, and I don't live on acres and acres of land.
So if that doesn't get you thinking I don't know what will. 

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