Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hitler's Cross

For school I am in the process of reading 'Hitler's Cross' which is right up my alley since I've always had this sort of fascination with the Holocaust.  I would like to quote a piece in in that really grabbed my attention, "Is silence in the face of injustice the same as complicity? Are small compromises justified if they might prevent the state from crushing religious freedom?"  As I was thinking about this, it kind of hit me that it actually applied to me.  How many times have I heard or seen a friend say or do something that I do not feel comfortable with, and instead of telling them that I don't approve of it, I laugh it off.  Instead of standing up for my standards I lower them so that I am not in an awkward position.  I have always been a bit insecure and often because of this insecurity, I don't stand up for what I believe in because I'm afraid that the person that I stand up to might not like me or tell others that I'm a 'goody-two-shoes'.  But when you think about it, which is more important? Your reputation to people that you won't have any contact with in ten years, or your heavenly reputation to the people  that you will spend the rest of eternity with, ultimately God? Why are we so worried about what we look like? Why do I compromise my beliefs? Why do I buy into the world's lie that I have to hide who I really am? That I'm not acceptable the way God created me? Yes, I have my quirks, like I CANNOT stand the sound of people chewing or gulping.  Or that I'm shy and maybe not as outgoing as I appear.  Why do I compromise?  If God made me beautiful in His eyes, then why do I feel like I'm not beautiful and that I'm not acceptable as just plain me.  I've often been told that I come across as confident and that I have it completely figured out, when I hear that I laugh because I am the last person to know about confidence and put togetherness.  Why does the culture tell us that we need to compromise and hide.  Like I've always hidden the fact that I have this thing about Littlest Pet Shop. Aren't the little animals just way too adorable?  I would eventually like to get to the place where I don't feel like I have to hide anything, to where I am confident in who I am.  To where I don't compromise my standards and beliefs.  Is it too much to ask to stand up for what we believe in as Christ Follower's?  Is it too much to ask myself  to be just plain me?   Is it ultimately rewarding to give in? Is what we should ask ourselves.  Or is it ultimately rewarding to stand up for what we believe in?  Just ask yourself this question.

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Island Girl said...

Really good thoughts and questions. Great to see you interact with the book you are reading like that!