Thursday, January 9, 2014

Weekdays and Weekends?

Does anyone else have days of the week that they really don't like.  I don't like Wednesdays because they're really crazy.  I have school in the morning which usually doesn't go so well.  Then in the afternoon I'm either frantically searching for something or forgetting something that I really shouldn't forget  (yesterday I was frantically searching for my little brother's homeopathic medicine which my mother lost and we later found it in her shoe)  Then I shovel some supper into my mouth, run upstairs, brush my teeth, poke my eye with eyeliner, and grab my violin case forgetting my stand which I need to take.  Then I'm picked up for my evening activities.  Scratch my way through ensemble then hurry on to Trek to frantically memorize verses before I have to recite them trying to ignore the fact that I really don't feel like being there because I'm way out of my comfort zone.  Then I go home eat a snack (this one is apples and water)  hop in the shower,  slide my way into bed eventually, and wonder why I go through this ordeal every week.

Sundays is another one.  Sunday mornings kill you don't they?  You have to get up at seven on a WEEKEND on a cloudy morning that was meant for sleeping.  Then you try to get dressed in matching clothes brush your hair and put mascara on everywhere except where it's supposed to go.  Choke down some breakfast, drive forty-five minutes to chuch get your seats and listen to the sermon while trying to stay awake because you went to bed too late the night before.  Why is church in the mornings, why not the evening when I'm at my peak?   Oh well, maybe it's just me and my thoughts.  Or maybe I'm grumpy today, who knows? 

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Island Girl said...

As long as the day starts with a good cup of tea it should be alright. Maybe we could rename all the days of the week "Saturday" ~:-0