Thursday, January 2, 2014


made bread today, I'm pretty proud of myself  :)
it was a recipe of a dear friend of mine, so it made it kinda special.  Not to mention that I hiked through this perilous weather to borrow some yeast from my gramma.  And I haven't made bread since I was seven years old (if you can call watching the bread maker do it's job making bread)  hopefully it turns out, and not be a disaster like the pumpkin cookies I made this fall.  I love to spend my time baking during the holiday break from school.  I made biscuits one day so that we could have biscuits and gravy the next day for breakfast.  I would like to make my absolute favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe before school starts up again.  I mean this is my FAVORITE cookie recipe ever, it's really easy, it turns out amazing, and they're sorta healthy without tasting it.  Wish I could have had time to make my grannie's christmas cake, but I didn't have time.  Hey, if anyone has a favorite recipe I would love to hear about it.

 Don't you just love snowy weather? Next to Autumn, Winter is my favorite season.  It's that kind of day when all you want to do is have a yummy baked good with hot chocolate and curl up in a blanket and watch what my brother would call a romantic chic-flick.  All the while pretending that Christmas vacation lasts forever.  Seriously, this is the life!!!

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