Saturday, December 28, 2013

so last night i ruined our basement carpet. And if that didn't make your jaw drop open here it is again, i RUINED the basement carpet....with nail polish. So now the carpet is permanently dyed scarlet and my hands are temporarily dyed scarlet. And to think, i did it! (anyone who is remotely acquainted with me knows how clumsy I am)
note to self: nail polish remover does NOT remove all nail polish (sigh)


Dani said...

Oh, girl... I have ruined various surfaces in my parent's house in the past. More than once. I hate that sheepish awful feeling of knowing there is NO WAY to get the stuff out!

Alicia Gandre said...

See if your parents have or can get some white spirit (not mineral spirit). I did this to the carpet of a house we were renting and my husband was able to take all of the nail polish out so that the carpet wasn't ruined!